• Northern Ground Presents True Process "B2B Marketing Website Design & Animation"

True Process

The Gist:

True Process is a growing clinical connectivity and consulting firm. In short, the products and services they offer help their clients connect clinical data points and leverage them in a variety of ways. Just as we began to work with True Process, their business started to pivot from client work to a focus on developing their own products. It was the right time to help them tell their story in a new way; a way that was as unique as the solutions they offer.

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3 MONTHS Zip, Zero, Nada


  • Microsoft Orchard CMS
  • .NET/SQL
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3

What made it tricky (fun):

  • Custom hand-drawn typeface (we call it TruPro) and illustrations 
  • Finding a simple way to tell a complex story
  • Mobile responsive
  • Evolving their brand to be people and solution focused


Northern Ground will make you think about yourself in ways you probably didn't.

Todd Dunsirn, CEO