• Northern Ground Presents Foresite "Custom Financial Modeler"


The Gist:

Reserves Advisors is the nation's largest provider of reserve studies, a 30-year engineering based forecast that helps condo boards and building owners anticipate maintenance costs. 

RA used to deliver binders and spreadsheets to clients. Knowing they needed to evolve, they came to us to offer clients a digital self-service solution and market differentiation. After a series of focus groups with internal/external customers, we built a custom platform called ForeSite which allows their customers to not only see their reserve study, but develop rich financial models against it. Want to see what a change in interest rate does to your maintenance costs over 30 years? Want to replace your roof in year 7 instead of year 5 - we can show you what that means for your reserve dollars in relation to other forecasted expenditures. 

Sharing, collaboration and secure storage makes ForeSite a powerful tool for their customers and has evolved how RA goes to market.

$1B+ 1M+


C#, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL, jQuery, jqplot, realtime AJAX communication for synchronous and asynchronous data storage and retrieval, modular object oriented JavaScript libraries, Salesforce.com API.

What made it tricky (fun):

  • Rapid prototypes 
  • Complex user flows and role management
  • Deep financial modeling and sharing
  • Contribution reccomendation engine
  • Secure payment processing and Salesforce.com integration
  • Responsive to tablet widths


We deeply value our strategic relationship with Northern Ground. They are a long-term partner in our business.

John Poehlmann, Co-Founder / Principal