• Northern Ground Presents Craftfund.com "Custom Equity Crowdfunding Platform"


The Gist:

CraftFund is a disruptive equity crowdfunding startup serving the unique needs of craft food and beverage producers.

Unlike rewards-based platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), CraftFund fosters ownership experiences instead of just handing out swag. This is accomplished through a private shareholder portal that is activated after a successfull campaign. Founder David Dupee came to Northern Ground to develop the strategy, design and custom crowdfunding platform because he believes (as do we) that a startup should own their own platform and intellectual property. David was instrumental in the formation of equity-based crowdfunding legislation in Wisconsin, the 3rd such state to do so. Don't just buy craft, #owncraft.

MVP Timeline Full Site Launch
4 Months June '14


  • .NET/SQL
  • Custom User System
  • Custom Campaign Platform
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

What made it tricky (fun):

  • Logo design
  • Escrow provider integration
  • Development of business rules
  • Agile MVP
  • Complex regulatory requirements
  • Mobile responsive


As entrepreneurs themselves, Northern Ground and I share a common language and the ability to takes risks.

David Dupee, Founder