• Northern Ground Presents CONCEPT SEATING "Product Differentiation Website"

Concept Seating

The Gist:

Ever heard of a 24/7 chair? Us either. Concept Seating makes chairs that need to be comfortable and durable when in nonstop use. These chairs are different; tough more than pretty. To that end, they have side cutouts for people who wear weapon belts and shoulder rifles, like the White House Situation Command Center. This site is an example of a simple, straight-ahead, low cost site with a big messaging impact that just plain works.


Mobile Responsive, Parallax, Orchard CMS

What made it tricky (fun):

  • 360 degree spins on scroll (mobile too)
  • We simplified their logo slightly
  • Big, bold copy written by us


Our chairs are better and now our new site lets you see why.

Ryan Hillgartner, Marketing Manager