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  • Workflow: Developing for Windows on a Mac

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    Fine, I admit it, I'm completely stubborn. My life could be so much easier if I simply caved and got a giant PC. Our entire team is all Mac or both Mac/PC. In terms of development for the web, we're very much a .NET shop which means we develop primarily for Windows Server. Except I'm a developer by trade and a designer at heart and I have an insatiable need to want to work with beautiful gear.... read more

    This is my text editor. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

  • Weekly Links: Edition 002

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    Welcome to our weekly link post on all things design, code and digital. Look for a new post every Friday, or thereabouts. Anything you would like featured? Tweet me @brandonmorreale. Cheers! The Web’s Grain by Frank Chimero Frank Chimero typically writes insightful, unique pieces but his latest seems to be turning more than a few heads. A companion piece to What Screens Want, this... read more

    Weekly Links: Edition 002

  • Weekly Links: Edition 001

    Tags: links, industry, brandon, design

    My name is Brandon Morreale and I'm proud to say I'm a Sr. Designer at this special place called Northern Ground. I am a new Dad, a cyclist and some would say obsessed with all things craft beer. But that is for another post, sort of. This is the first of what will be a weekly link post on design, code and digital that I will be curating. Look for a new post every Friday, or thereabouts. If you... read more

    Weekly Links: Edition 001

  • Early adopter, a few minutes late

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    Not only do I not wear a watch, but I actively resist ever knowing what time it is (my phone is 25 minutes fast and I set it to go off an hour before I have to wake up just so I can ignore it). All my devices have their notifications turned off and certainly nothing to do with me resembles ‘fitness' or ‘health.' I'm literally the last person who should buy an Apple Watch, which makes... read more

    Yes, Jay's arm really is this toned.