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  • 10 Tips: Hiring A Digital Firm For Your Next Project

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    Sad but true that over the past year, roughly 1/4 of our work has been fixing mistakes made by other 'agencies'; either partly or wholesale. Dear clients, don't settle. I have short-listed some not-so-obvious tips on hiring a custom digital shop. Heed just 2-3 of these and your chances of success go way up. If not, see point #10. 1. SHARE REQUIREMENTS HAVE A CLEAR PROJECT OUTLINE AND BE ABLE... read more

  • Wanted: Milwaukee-based Front-End Web Developer

    Tags: studio, about, matt, hiring

    UPDATE 9/3/13: We are excited to announce that this position has been filled. Thank you for the overwhelming interest and stay tuned to meet our newest team member soon... Can't fall asleep until you figure it out? Do you have a strong sense of craft? Are you proud of your code? Come work where you will be appreciated and challenged to grow in a digital shop that doesn't ask our clients to... read more

  • 10 Questions With New Front-End Designer Hunter Ruth

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    With both design and code chops, Hunter represents a new-breed of digital creative; he can design an app UI and build it. He's a millenial that doesn't know a world without high-speed internet. We expect great things from him in the coming years. Join us in welcoming him to our team. Q1 Northern Ground: Where did you grow up? Hunter: All over. I was born in Midland Texas & lived there... read more