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  • Beauty is Embarrassing

    Tags: jay, design, UX

    To be honest I don't love the word 'usability.' It's a useful word (derp), but I have a totally unfair and cynical thought that it was invented by some designer as a spin for clients, to both raise the importance of design while simultaneously lowering the expectations for it. It promises both more and less than it can deliver. For a long time, designers had to struggle to be taken seriously... read more

  • Hard Out Here for a Designer (Not Really)

    Tags: jay, design

    Now that we have a pretty fat year of work to show in a portfolio, we've begun working on a new version of the Northern Ground website, which will go live hopefully by January. I always have formal and aesthetic ideas I want to try, and naturally see our own website to be the perfect place to indulge that stuff. If we can't/don't innovate with our own site, when would we? Anyway, I presented... read more

  • QOTD: Empathy in Design

    Tags: QOTD, ryan, design, empathy, design empathy

    ‘To make’ is to take on the challenge of engaging an other in an empathic conversation. An other we perceive as being separate from our ‘selves.’ An other we do not know. An other that can just as well be a fellow human being, as it could be a character in a story, a piece of raw material, or even your own body. These are all others we can make with, by realizing our... read more