• Infinite Navigation for iPad

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    Last week we completed a project to design an iPad app for a $5B global manufacturer. They need to supply customers with thousands of documents: manuals, parts lists, how-to videos, sell sheets, and an iPad is the perfect platform. The challenge was to be able to put any documents they wanted into the app and not be limited in how they were organized. The navigation had to scale to accommodate... read more


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    Yes, this is a blog post about another blog post. But Aaron Shapiro (CEO of HUGE in NYC) is on point. You should really read it, right now, then come back.  I'll wait. In addition to Aaron’s advice, allow me to offer my own counsel, perhaps more tactically, But remember, regardless of the path you take, this problem is not going away. Speed to market has never been more... read more

  • On Black & White

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    There is a reason we are using black & white photography for our site, but it's not a good one... I just like it, and the guys do too. As a designer I have to hope and insist that branding involves more strategic criteria than preference, but when building up design materials to support the branding for Northern Ground, I had the bratty epiphany that... wait, since it's my company I can do... read more

  • The New (OLD) Home of Northern Ground

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    The expected route was to grab a space in the Third Ward. We wanted something different.  We think we found a diamond in the rough but it will take creative vision and some gasoline to get us there. We happen to have plenty of both. Part of what we want to do with this blog is bring you into the inner workings.  We’re going to have victories and defeats and we think it's... read more

  • Bio: Ryan Janecek, Strategy

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    Like an economics professor and a filthy comedian had a love child, Ryan is dynamic and well-rounded. As the fearless voice in the room he fights for clients and the right business strategy, often above our own needs. You want him on your side. Ryan builds digital strategies for breakfast and moves onto, well, more digital strategies for lunch. He also prides himself on being a connector, so... read more

  • Bio: Matt Retzer, Development

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    Matt stands above us, in both height and respect. Take any technology you can imagine and bet he's not only worked with it, but probably written plugins for it. If he hasn't, just give him a sec. Matt figures out everything that's possible. The truth is, we all do what Matt says. Not just because he's a natural leader with a patriarchal trustworthiness, but because if he says it, it's... read more

  • Bio: Jay Beckman, Design

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    Accused of being either quiet or pretentious, Jay is a hairshirt workaholic and design perfectionist, taking all projects too far in a mission to create things that haven't been things before.  Jay comes up with everything your project can be. As an artist with a rare rational bent,  Jay loves science and math for poetic reasons and sees design as a way to break chaos into... read more


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    Several months ago we sat down over drinks dinner and a spreadsheet. We left that night deciding to start our own digital studio. We have ideas about how to do things differently, better. Welcome to Northern Ground. Does the world really need another shop like ours? What differentiation could we possibly offer? Why would you decide to work with a small studio? Why did we leave... read more