• Early adopter, a few minutes late

    Tags: apple, mobile, jay, design

    Not only do I not wear a watch, but I actively resist ever knowing what time it is (my phone is 25 minutes fast and I set it to go off an hour before I have to wake up just so I can ignore it). All my devices have their notifications turned off and certainly nothing to do with me resembles ‘fitness' or ‘health.' I'm literally the last person who should buy an Apple Watch, which makes... read more

    Yes, Jay's arm really is this toned.

  • Preferred Tools of Our Trade

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    Tools aren't people (although sometimes the inverse is true) but they are immensely valuable. Here are a few of our favs. We are consistently asked by peers and clients what internal tools we use to manage workflow, tasks and communication. We use many and while there is no one-size-fits-all solution to challenges shops like ours face, we have a few standouts. The tools below allow us to limit... read more

    Jenni, we're so sorry, for all of it.

  • Barrett-Lo Selects Northern Ground

    Tags: ryan, projects, strategy, design, development

    In late 2014 Northern Ground was named digital partner for Barrett-Lo Visionary Development. Barrett-Lo Visionary Development is a Milwaukee-based real estate and development company led by Rick Barrett and Tan Lo. The firm focuses on high-end projects that are centered around urban revitalization. In Milwaukee, you may know them best for the award winning 30-story Moderne tower at Old... read more

  • Wanted: UXD/IA

    Tags: hiring, UX, jay, design

    UPDATE 9/26/14: We are excited to announce that this position has been filled! Thank you for the overwhelming interest and stay tuned to meet our newest team member soon...So we're looking for a Senior User Experience Designer slash Information Architect, and I promise we aren’t using those terms interchangeably. Our team is small and we work on all kinds of projects for diverse clients.... read more

  • Spruced Up

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    When a company who makes websites makes a website for themselves, the process is fraught with an absurd array of obstacles. Imagine the challenges facing a plastic surgeon who wanted to give themselves glute implants. We are the worst clients. (Ask the production company who helped us shoot our video). We can't set deadlines for ourselves because we have the authority to constantly move... read more

  • Tim Grove, Sr. Technical Architect Joins Northern Ground

    Tags: tim, development, 10Q, new hire

    10Q with Tim, a key member of our growing team. Tim will begin to lead our more challenging development projects. Oh wait, thats all we do. Anyhoo, Tim is rad and we are happy to have him. Welcome! Q1 Northern Ground: Tell us about your professional background. Tim: I started my career while going to school and interning at a web company in Milwaukee. I mostly used php, mysql, lamp... read more

  • Wanted: Senior Web/Mobile Developer

    UPDATE 2/21/14: We are excited to announce that this position has been filled! Thank you for the overwhelming interest and stay tuned to meet our newest team member soon... Can't fall asleep until you figure it out? Do you have a strong sense of craft? Are you proud of your code? Come work where you will be appreciated and challenged to grow; a place where you can finally do your best work - no... read more

  • Welcome Nicole Madison, Sr. User Experience Designer

    Tags: 10Q, nicole, UX

    Our work is not for the faint of heart. From embedded touch systems to games to mobile apps to new platforms, we get the tough stuff, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Nicole has joined Northern Ground to round out our capabilities related to information architecture and user experience planning. Her deep digital chops coupled with her design background make her a perfect fit for our team.... read more

  • Season's Greetings!

    To all of our amazing customers, partners and vendors, thank you for a wonderful year of challenge and opportunity! We wish you the happiest of holiday season's and a healthy and prosperous New Year. Stay warm my friends! read more

  • Beauty is Embarrassing

    Tags: jay, design, UX

    To be honest I don't love the word 'usability.' It's a useful word (derp), but I have a totally unfair and cynical thought that it was invented by some designer as a spin for clients, to both raise the importance of design while simultaneously lowering the expectations for it. It promises both more and less than it can deliver. For a long time, designers had to struggle to be taken seriously... read more