Jenni Madson Named Partner of Northern Ground

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TL;DR - Jenni kicks ass and now she owns part of this place.

I'm thrilled to announce that effective January 1, 2017 Jenni is now Partner, Operations! She will mostly be doing what she's done since joining us as our first employee in 2012, running ops and working to support our largest, most strategic clients. But now she is an owner of Northern Ground.

After we decided to start up in 2012 she was my first call. Jenni was at home being a rad Mom, writing and having a mental health break. Over chicken mole and beer I begged her to come help us, because Matt can build any app you can dream up but the thought of that dude doing my payroll made my neck sweat. Almost 5 years later and Jenni is our first Partner! When Jay, Matt and I started Northern Ground we never anticipated adding someone to the ownership group. When you start a business there is tremendous professional and financial risk (not really). She's always treated our finances as if they were her own so it was an easy decision to make them her own. I trust her with everything. 

“I'm humbled by our past victories and excited by our future but I am MOST PROUD of Jenni's earned success.“

If you have the pleasure of knowing or working with Jenni, what I'm about to say may be basic or even understated; Jenni is not fucking average. In all ways she is someone that I have deep personal and professional admiration for. She keeps this busy place together and still gets home in time to make dinner or have game night with her beautiful family. Sometimes I know she feels spread thin - I'd say she almost has it all.

I learn something new from her everyday. I sit 4 feet away from her. I see her more than maybe anyone else in my life (sorry to my babes at home). She's one of my best friends and I'm overjoyed to say she is a Partner at Northern Ground. The End