Scope: 003

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Welcome to Scope, our new weekly collection of links from the Northern Ground team.

Each week we collaborate on a collection of things that we did, ate, watched, heard, read, learned or drank and present it for your enjoyment. Have feedback? Get in touch on Twitter at @brandonmorreale or @northernground.

Instagram: Stranger & Stranger
Ryan Janecek - Co-Founder, Strategy Leader

These good folks are a brand and package design shop with an innate ability to make make a retro aesthetic feel modern and fresh. I'm sure you’ve seen their work in person – just close your eyes and think of the coolest spirit bottle you’ve ever seen and they likely designed it. We were reminded of their talents this week as we were doing bottle photography for a new website for our client, Durant & Booth For a package designer, wine bottles have to be the quintessential test of restraint. For a low-class wine connoisseur like myself, they are how I buy. Go follow our friends at Stranger & Stranger for daily glasses of wonderful design.

Jay Beckman - Co-Founder, Design Leader

My favorite thing this week was not from this week, and CANADA is a video production company from Spain. They mostly used to make gorgeous music videos and surreal, stylish little shorts. Now they mostly do commercials, which is why I stopped visiting their site very often. This week I did though, and saw "The Less I Know the Better" a video they made last year for Tame Impala. Boundlessly creative, sexy and 'thuper cool' as I imagine they say in Barcelona.

Jenni Madson - Content Manager

This past week Q & I watched Westworld a 1973 Sci-Fi Thriller written and directed by Michael Crichton. It was campy, predictable and I found it endlessly hilarious. It struck me as something that would make a great movie for AMOK, our sometimes-monthly video screening of movies with technology gone bad. (JOIN US) The best part? I learned that HBO has a Westworld series in the works based on the film, coming out in the next year with Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams on board! Yisssssss.

Recode Code Conference
Mike Grunwald - Sr. Front-End Developer

Recode's Code Conference took place a few weeks ago and I just discovered some of the video interviews have been posted to YouTube. I particularly enjoyed the ones with Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. These two men are changing the world in so many ways and they both have such incredible visions they’re trying to achieve. It’s hard to not think of them as super-human (At least in a Tony Stark sense). While watching, I kept reminding myself that they are, in fact, just two regular dudes. I would drift off in my head, thinking about what a regular day in their life must look like — fascinating.

Startup Milwaukee Happy Hour
Tim Grove - Sr. Technical Architect

Next Tuesday, June 28th, Startup Milwaukee is hosting their latest happy hour featuring four tech startups and our host, Good City Brewing. This is a great opportunity to network with local entrepreneurs, investors, developers & designers, and learn about and support local tech companies. Each startup will be giving a pitch and have a table for showing and talking about their products, so make sure to check out what they are up to. The event is at Milwaukee’s newest brewery and they have a great story to tell, and their beer and food are top notch. The event is free and starts at 6pm. Hope to see you there.

Rapha: The Trappest Brewery Tour
Brandon Morreale - Art Director

Cycling to me is more than just riding a bike. It's exercise, it's intensity, it's transportation, it's simplicity, it's speed, it's sightseeing, it's an experience, and most importantly, it's a lifestyle. Rapha, a lifestyle cycling brand based in London, apart from selling minimally designed, high quality apparel also produces excellent photo essays and short documentaries that really explore the experiences that we're all looking to have on two wheels. Their latest, a Trappest brewery tour by bike through the Ardennes, is a sun-drenched ride along historic race routes in Luxenbourg and France. Ending with stops at three of the six secluded Belgian Trappest breweries: Orval, Rochefort and Chimay. Rapha's cinematography is great, both in their photography and videography, truly projecting the experience onto us. When I see a cyclist climb a hill or ride through a forest I know what that feels like. I can feel the cool air and the pain in the legs. I feel like I'm experiencing this alongside them. One day I'll get to ride the Ardennes but in the meantime this will have to do.

The Distinguished Motherf*cker of Food is 60
Andi Woodward - Content Designer

Anthony Bourdain turns 60 years old tomorrow, and online magazine "First We Feast" is featuring a beautiful interview between Bourdain and writer John Birdsall designed on a page with moments of lovely, full-screen animation. Author of "Kitchen Confidential" and host to numerous television series (my personal favorite being "Parts Unknown"), Bourdain has opened his life up to to the world both as a chef and a human being. An incredibly honest, passionate and humble man, I admire Anthony and his work greatly and wish him the happiest of birthdays.

Behind the Scenes of 'Game of Thrones' Battle for Winterfell
Betty Allen - Content Producer

I, like many, love HBO’s Game of Thrones, and I especially loved last week’s episode. The episode was visually stunning and a spectacle I’ve never seen on television, which is why my link this week is the behind the scenes of the Battle of Winterfell. The 10 minute video interviews the series crew, cast, and someone who’s enviable title is "A" Camera Operator (Dragon Unit) who talks about a truck they used called a Vampire Batt with a Russian Arm. I mean even the equipment they use to make these amazing images sounds cool! Spoilers lay ahead so be cautious if you aren’t caught up in the series. The End