Scope: 001

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Welcome to Scope, our new (and improved) weekly collection of links from the Northern Ground team.

Each week we collaborate on a collection of things that we did, ate, watched, heard, read, learned or drank and present it for your enjoyment. Have feedback? Get in touch on Twitter at @brandonmorreale or @northernground.

Printed by Somerset
Ryan Janecek - Co-Founder, Strategy Leader

Websites for services companies have become a sea (urinal) of sameness; and no more so than in our business - stay tuned for a post on that. But when I see a website for a print company that they “printed”, it makes me want to share it. This is Printed by Somerset.

& Alps
Jay Beckman - Co-Founder, Design Leader

The coolest person I know told me the coolest film of the year is Yorgos Lanthimos' The Lobster, which despite finally playing in Milwaukee (a year later from the rest of the world) I have yet to see. While waiting, two of his previous titles, Dogtooth and Alps, are both on Hulu, so that's been my late-night viewing this week. In one review of Dogtooth, the writer compared the cinematography to the work of William Eggleston, of whom I had not heard, but find stunning. Reviews also mention the films as part of a New Greek New Wave, so I've got next week lined up now too.

The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra

Jenni Madson - Content Manager

The Avalanches, Danny Brown & MF Doom; what's not to love. After a 16 year hiatus, The Avalanches released a single for their new album coming out in July and I'm stoked. They teased the album with a documentary in May; Since They Left Us that highlights some incredible artists who contributed to the album. It's like “Detox” only this business is actually gonna drop.

.NET Core 1.0 RC2

Tim Grove - Sr. Technical Architect

The .NET world has changed drastically in the past years, and Microsoft's open source movement has been a big part of that. It's latest leap has been into cross-platform development and deployment. Yes, you read that right, .NET is cross-platform now. With this RC2 release and the move to .NET Core complete, we are excited to build upcoming projects on the latest technologies from Microsoft, and you can bet we're all excited to dev on both PC's and Macs.

Instagram:Alfred Tea & Alfred Coffee

Brandon Morreale - Art Director

Instagram has been my favorite place lately to watch trendy new places establish themselves creatively. While Alfred Coffee has long been a West Hollywood staple in both the fashion, art and coffee world, they've recently branched out into an all pink endeavor with Alfred Tea. While both accounts are incredibly compelling, Alford Tea's all-pink-everything turns the dainty perception of tea on its head and doubles down on it. It has just the right amount of cleverness, style and absurdity dripping with a heavy layer of L.A. haze.

Every Frame a Painting "How Does an Editor Think and Feel"

Andi Woodward - Content Designer

Editing video is an instinctual art - which makes it difficult for editors to explain how they decide when to make a cut. Every Frame a Painting's newest video provides a well-spoken, visually beautiful and educational perspective on how editors think and work. My favorite quote from the video is from an interview with Michael Kahn (Editor of Jurassic Park) that reads, “I don't cut from what I call knowledge… I have to feel it.”

Milwaukee Maker Market

Cassie Mrotek - Studio Manager

On Sunday May 15th, I made my way to the Bayview Colectivo for the first Maker Market of the season. It's a beautiful gathering of local artists who are selling their handmade goods in the parking lot of the business. There is something there for anyone! Sassy Cow brought a real calf with them for petting and sold delicious chocolate milk! Going to Maker Market is always the best place to find gifts for yourself, friends, and family! I left with a haul and couldn't be happier! Of all the things I got, I absolutely love the romper that Sarah Jane Alt made. She cuts out linoleum stamps to create her own designs on fabric, then dyes them, and makes all kinds of creations with them. Pillows, scarves, and more! She is a skilled stitcher and has an eye for creating earthy, loving art, that anyone can enjoy.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Betty Allen - Content Producer

Remember in 2008 when you sat on your first laptop in your first dorm room watching Lonely Island videos on repeat? Oh, just me? Well, this Tuesday I got to relive that glory, this time in the theatre watching the Lonely Island's new movie "Poster: Never Stop Never Stopping". Not only did it make me giggle until I cried, but the portrayal of how the pop star obsessively interacted with fans over youtube / snapchat / social was pretty dang accurate (and hilarious). The End