Quarry Launches App for Links in Instagram

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It occurred to us that the stuff we're creating in Quarry makes the Internet well, more  Internet. And our first little app is no exception. 

We've all seen them, those 287 character zombie links in Instagram posts that the 400M+ monthly users can't do anything with. Like a lemon without juicer, we thought those links needed some squeeze. It's the Internet - give us our links! Seeing a dead link makes my face itch. What was the author thinking - that your Uber driver would be nice enough to dictate it to you while driving? Perhaps they were waiting for us to come along. Well, we have.

LinkButter is a simple (little) app that does one (big) thing, it opens links in Instagram, like butter.


Q: Why did you make LinkButter? 
A: Because our little utility solves an annoying, prominent problem inside of a platform we love. Right now there are thousands of links in Instagram from worthy causes, brands, sellers and individuals. We wanted a simple and invisible way to get to them.

Q: What can it do? 
A: Change the entire world. But also it opens any links in public Instagram posts from the original author. 
Bands can promote gigs, charities can raise money, photographers can sell prints. Users no longer have to update a bio link or cram a URL in your location field. Brands can post products on Instagram and link directly to detail pages turning their feed into a full-fledged ecommerce extension without having to resort to third-party integration. Search the hashtags #etsy or #forsale to see how many millions of links are on Instagram already just sitting there, un-clickable. We thought of a simple way to activate those links - and it’s LinkButter.

Q: Why doesn't Instagram just enable links? 
A: It would be easy enough for them to do, but given the spam concerns they've made a conscious choice to limit users to one clickable bio link. We respect that Instagram has always fought for a pure, tidy platform, although now they allow almost unlimited emojis and odd formatting and spam accounts, and they've even moved away from square images. They discourage links in posts but users are doing it like mad so why not make them usable?

Q: Didn't Instagram start offering ads with links? 
A: They did but this is for everyone else and more importantly the millions of links already on the platform.

Q: Why is LinkButter free? 
A: Seemed like a good idea at the time. We like free stuff and we thought you would too. 

Q: How will LinkButter make money?
A: Instead of getting all up in our business, hurry and download it at 
LinkButter.com before we start charging $99.

Q: How do we get a hold of you? 
A: E-mail Ryan Janecek at info@quarrymade.com 


Visit LinkButter.com for a free iOS download. The End