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  • Wanted: Front-end Developer

    Tags: studio, hiring, ryan

    We're a small, high-performance studio that is best suited for an experienced developer with deep passion for their trade and who wants to make work that stands apart. Check out our vibes. If you want less bullshit and more of what you love, drop us a note! YOU GIVE US: Minimum 4 years experience in front-end web development. Very knowledgeable in CSS / HTML with ability to build... read more

  • Jenni Madson Named Partner of Northern Ground

    Tags: studio, jenni, fuckyeah

    TL;DR - Jenni kicks ass and now she owns part of this place.I'm thrilled to announce that effective January 1, 2017 Jenni is now Partner, Operations! She will mostly be doing what she's done since joining us as our first employee in 2012, running ops and working to support our largest, most strategic clients. But now she is an owner of Northern Ground.After we decided to start up in 2012 she was... read more

    Jenni Madson

  • Makin' Copies

    Tags: jay, design, studio, UX

    We're in the design phase for a new national brand that uses chalkboard writing as the foundation of the packaging, and while there are a few decent options for chalk-based fonts, there's something anachronistic and tacky about licensing someone else's handwriting. So, our Designer Andi Woodward is making four of our own. In a larger context, though, we fight for these opportunities to create... read more

    Andi Woodward, Designer

  • Quarry Launches App for Links in Instagram

    Tags: ryan, quarry, studio, mobile, apps, linkbutter

    It occurred to us that the stuff we're creating in Quarry makes the Internet well, more  Internet. And our first little app is no exception. We've all seen them, those 287 character zombie links in Instagram posts that the 400M+ monthly users can't do anything with. Like a lemon without juicer, we thought those links needed some squeeze. It's the Internet - give us our links! Seeing a... read more

    Open links in Instagram, like butter.

  • Out of Shape, Not Out of Beer

    Tags: matt, studio, milwaukee

    Matt Retzer, all 6' 5" of his studly web programming self, played volleyball with the good people at Barrett-Lo Visionary Development as part of the Downtown Employee Week volleyball tournament. The rest of us drank beer, ate brats and stayed close to the v-fib kit. Happy summer Milwaukee! read more

    We work hard on our six packs, of PBR.

  • Quarry: Northern Ground Starts Employee Owned Incubator

    Tags: ryan, quarry, studio

    "Great companies are built on great products." - Elon Musk. New ideas keep changing the world right in front of us. We’re overdue to stop watching and start inventing. Tesla we are not, but we want to start making our own products. After months of planning (and legal and names and logos), I am honored to announce Quarry. Quarry is an internal incubator that is owned and operated... read more

    Because we like to create things.

  • Wanted: Milwaukee-based Front-End Web Developer

    Tags: studio, about, matt, hiring

    UPDATE 9/3/13: We are excited to announce that this position has been filled. Thank you for the overwhelming interest and stay tuned to meet our newest team member soon... Can't fall asleep until you figure it out? Do you have a strong sense of craft? Are you proud of your code? Come work where you will be appreciated and challenged to grow in a digital shop that doesn't ask our clients to... read more

  • Wanted: Assistant Web Designer Who Doesn't Know It All, Yet

    Tags: studio, about, jay, hiring

    UPDATE 7/15/13: We are excited to announce that this position has been filled. Thank you for the overwhelming interest and stay tuned to meet our newest team member soon... First and foremost, everyone loathes bullshit job descriptions that are vague, cut/pasted and make no sense. We don't want 1,000 applicants and we don't want to waste your time (or ours). I am going lay out what we need and... read more


    Tags: about, photography, studio, ryan

    Smell that? Progress is fermenting at the Blatz. Okay, it's probably asbestos (or body odor) but either way demo has begun on our new space. We're scheduled to take occupancy by EOY and are well on our way. Great light, huge volume, private entrance, wonderful views, oh, and it needs to get totally gutted like my smelly refrigerator two weeks after Thanksgiving. Some pics from today..... read more

  • The New (OLD) Home of Northern Ground

    Tags: about, photography, studio, ryan, libby

    The expected route was to grab a space in the Third Ward. We wanted something different.  We think we found a diamond in the rough but it will take creative vision and some gasoline to get us there. We happen to have plenty of both. Part of what we want to do with this blog is bring you into the inner workings.  We’re going to have victories and defeats and we think it's... read more

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