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  • Gray Goo

    Tags: jay, social, gifs

    When creating content that must be simultaneously optimized for posting to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Youtube, Medium, Snapchat and of course your own site, there's a risk of it all turning into a homogenous gray goo. A What? Gray goo is a concept that emerged out of futurism as a hypothetical consequence of technology and was later embraced by science fiction writers... read more

    Dimensions of Dialog, Jan Svankmajer, 1982

  • Craft Beer + Investment Crowdfunding = CraftFund

    Tags: projects, ryan, craftfund, strategy, design, development, mobile, social, startup, logos, responsive

    Does is get any better? Craft beer and crowdfunding. WHAT? Where in the h--e-double hockey sticks do I sign up? Oh, We've all either heard of or participated in rewards-based crowdfunding; I hope?  You see the world's thinnest watch and because thickness was the clearly the reason you stopped wearing your last one, you want in. You go to, pay your $99 and... read more

  • Authentic Content Marketing

    Tags: content, about face media, strategy, social, projects, ryan

    When I [am forced to] watch a traditional corporate marketing video, ion rays fly out of the screen and penetrate my soul stealing my dreams and replacing them with feelings of regret and shame, like when I reach that weird part of YouTube. I'll get right to it. One, we built the new website for About Face Media and two, and more importantly, if you are a brand that cares about storytelling... read more

  • Our Simplest Pinterest Sharingest Tool

    Tags: matt, development, social

    When confronted with a creative or technical problem I search for a solution.  If I can’t find one, I make one.  That's why I love being a developer. Who says we don't make anything anymore? The great thing about code is that you are working with the most fundamental of tools. Like a metal worker, I don’t do it all with hand tools. One of my favorite tools to use is a... read more

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