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  • Jenni Madson Named Partner of Northern Ground

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    TL;DR - Jenni kicks ass and now she owns part of this place.I'm thrilled to announce that effective January 1, 2017 Jenni is now Partner, Operations! She will mostly be doing what she's done since joining us as our first employee in 2012, running ops and working to support our largest, most strategic clients. But now she is an owner of Northern Ground.After we decided to start up in 2012 she was... read more

    Jenni Madson

  • Happy Holidays!

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    Elastic waistband pants and egg nog are calling us. Every year, we close shop between Christmas and New Year's. Don't be sad but we'll be closed until Monday, January 4th. Thank you to our friends, families, industry partners and clients for a wonderful 2015. We are humbled and appreciative of you all. Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season! Wishing you the best in 2016! Cheers from all of us... read more

    Happy Holidayth!

  • Wanted: Studio Manager

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    UPDATE: Hey folks - We had a great response to this posting and within a week made an awesome hire! More coming soon on the latest addition to our team! I'm looking for a part-time Studio Manager to take care of the internal admin functions at Northern Ground. It's a new position and we're anxious for a detail oriented, fun and responsible person to join us. You'll be working closely with me... read more

    Top floor of the Blatz Mill House.

  • Google Spamalitics

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    Anyone watching Google Analytics (GA) dashboards over the last few months may have seen what seems like an exciting spike in traffic (for reals, go check your stats). That should have quickly been followed by the question "Why hasn’t my inbox been filled with leads for my awesome products and services?" Great question. You know the old Internet adage "If you build it, someone will... read more

    Spam Sushi

  • Preferred Tools of Our Trade

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    Tools aren't people (although sometimes the inverse is true) but they are immensely valuable. Here are a few of our favs. We are consistently asked by peers and clients what internal tools we use to manage workflow, tasks and communication. We use many and while there is no one-size-fits-all solution to challenges shops like ours face, we have a few standouts. The tools below allow us to limit... read more

    Jenni, we're so sorry, for all of it.

  • 10Q With New Sr. Front-End Developer Mike Grunwald

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    One year in and we continue to grow in smart ways with employee #6. We are elated to welcome Mike Grunwald as a dedicated front-end developer to lead our pipeline of large-scale projects. He brings agency and client-side experience and a balanced set of digital skills. Welcome Mike - let the hazing begin! Q1 Northern Ground: You were in a digital innovations role within Kohl's. What drew you... read more

  • App Review: It’s Good to Be Blue

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    I like simplicity in my life. I don’t give two thundersnows what the barometric pressure, moon phase or wind gust speeds are when I get up in the morning. I just want to know if I should I wear my parka and/or do I need an umbrella. Blue gives me that at a glance. My annoyance with weather information overload led me to a random weather app search in the Apple Store.  That’s... read more

  • A Little Less 'Tourist' And A Little More 'App'

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    No one wants to look like a fanny pack-wearing, map clutching tourist wandering through a city when they travel. It’s not safe and fellas, your man-bag won't help you 'blend', even if it is crocodile hide. There are apps for that, and here are my picks. Two weeks ago I made my first visit (no laughing) to San Francisco with my husband. Even amidst the Giants-Mania; it was an... read more

  • Homage to Mom’s Calendar

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    When I was growing up my mom had a large desk calendar with every square inch written on neatly and color coordinated. These days moms everywhere can rejoice, because there is an app for that.  My three siblings and I each had our own color for activities and events and my mom had an elaborate scheduling system to make sure we were all where we were supposed to be at the right time. 15+... read more

  • If Tab Can Survive – So Can Print

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    I love how print feels. But space wise you can keep hundreds of books on a Kindle Fire vs. your living room bookshelf. Side note though: John Waters and I agree – if you go home with somebody and they don't have any books – head for the door. The Internet is flooded (and awesomely so) with books, blogs, magazines and news. Digital media rocks for many-a-reason. It’s easier to... read more

  • We Needed Some Glue, Not The Sniffing Kind

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    If the future success of Northern Ground will be based on our first hire, we’re going to be fine. And by fine I mean amazing. Welcome Jenni Madson, employee #1. Man, where do I start with Jenni? She likes to laugh, work hard, laugh, spend time with her amazing family and laugh some more. I met Jenni at Layer One five years ago. The day I started was the day she gave birth to her second... read more

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