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  • Makin' Copies

    Tags: jay, design, studio, UX

    We're in the design phase for a new national brand that uses chalkboard writing as the foundation of the packaging, and while there are a few decent options for chalk-based fonts, there's something anachronistic and tacky about licensing someone else's handwriting. So, our Designer Andi Woodward is making four of our own. In a larger context, though, we fight for these opportunities to create... read more

    Andi Woodward, Designer

  • Wanted: UXD/IA

    Tags: hiring, UX, jay, design

    UPDATE 9/26/14: We are excited to announce that this position has been filled! Thank you for the overwhelming interest and stay tuned to meet our newest team member soon...So we're looking for a Senior User Experience Designer slash Information Architect, and I promise we aren’t using those terms interchangeably. Our team is small and we work on all kinds of projects for diverse clients.... read more

  • Welcome Nicole Madison, Sr. User Experience Designer

    Tags: 10Q, nicole, UX

    Our work is not for the faint of heart. From embedded touch systems to games to mobile apps to new platforms, we get the tough stuff, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Nicole has joined Northern Ground to round out our capabilities related to information architecture and user experience planning. Her deep digital chops coupled with her design background make her a perfect fit for our team.... read more

  • Beauty is Embarrassing

    Tags: jay, design, UX

    To be honest I don't love the word 'usability.' It's a useful word (derp), but I have a totally unfair and cynical thought that it was invented by some designer as a spin for clients, to both raise the importance of design while simultaneously lowering the expectations for it. It promises both more and less than it can deliver. For a long time, designers had to struggle to be taken seriously... read more

  • In Vine, Veritas

    Tags: apps, jay, design, startups, UX, video, mobile, vine, twitter, brands

    When Twitter exploded, startups everywhere set out to dupe its success by trying a different take on the same premise. Even back at our old place, we developed a product that we pitched, with hubris, as "the Twitter of images." The leadership at the company ultimately didn't support bringing it to market, so it's not a great story, but it's a handy example of the ubiquity of the pursuit. A... read more

  • Infinite Navigation for iPad

    Tags: design, UX, mobile, ipad, app, projects, b2b, jay

    Last week we completed a project to design an iPad app for a $5B global manufacturer. They need to supply customers with thousands of documents: manuals, parts lists, how-to videos, sell sheets, and an iPad is the perfect platform. The challenge was to be able to put any documents they wanted into the app and not be limited in how they were organized. The navigation had to scale to accommodate... read more

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